LunLab is a Mexican startup with global ideas. This small company focuses on web and app development. In the future they plan to venture into the world of online video games. For the graphic identity, the aim was for it to be a flexible and fresh image that would adapt to the innovative ideas of the company.

The name Lun comes from Luna and Lab from Laboratory/experimentation.


Logo design

The idea behind the logo was to take as a starting point the figure of the wolf, that is related to the name “Lun” and played with the visual, geometric and symbolic properties of the diamond representing strength and solidity. The color palette was divided into cold and warm colors. The typography of the logo represents the pixel and the programming code.


Business cards

The idea of ​​the cards was to write the information in a pseudo code on a black background, representing the monitors and only the LunLab symbol on white is shown on the back.


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